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Innovation advisory board

Cross-industry competence

attractive-employers.com The members of our Innovation Advisory Board act as experienced sparring partners when it comes to discussing strategic and organisational issues. This includes the continuous development of our range of services, the definition of our values and the criteria catalogue for selecting attractive employers, as well as the recommendation of companies to be included in the Attraktive-Arbeitgeber.com Index.

Our experts represent a broad wealth of experience in the relevant areas of competence. They bring in-depth expertise in the industries indicated, the relevant areas of innovative technologies, applications and markets. In addition, they are familiar with the structure and development of young companies and can give practical tips.



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Gerling

EAA - Chair of Electrical Drive Technology and Actuator Technology

Chair of Electrical Drives and Actuators

University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich

2007 - 2010 Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (EIT) at the University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich

2010 - 2012 Chairman of the Senate of the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich

2010 - 2018 Lecturer at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

since 2016 "Lu Jiaxi" Visiting Professor at the Haixi Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fuzhou (Fujian), China

2016 Foundation of volabo GmbH

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Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Ottmar Schneck

Rector and managing director of SRH Fernhochschule - The Mobile University

since 2004 Member of the University Council of the GGS German Graduate School Heilbronn (formerly HBS Heilbronn Business School) of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation Heilbronn

since 2005 Scientific Head of Rating & Finance Institue RaFIN GmbH

2007 Award of the State Teaching Prize of Baden-Württemberg for outstanding teaching

2015 Admission to the European Academy of Sciences (Salzburg)

2015 Award of the silver medal RATIO PLUS QUA VIS of the Jagiellonian University Krakow for the merits of German-Polish friendship

2016 Appointed Rector and Managing Director of SRH Fernhochschule - The Mobile University

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Kurt Sigl

BEM / Federal Association eMobility e.V.

since 2006 Co-Moderator at Motorvision / N24 RTL Grip / Focus a.o.

since 2007 creation of a new mobility concept page 

2008 Foundation of the first enduro school for electric motorcycles / member of the AK "Junge Fahrer" of the government of Bavariaseit 

2009 President of the Federal eMobility Association / BEM e.V. with headquarters in Berlin

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